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Single truth for all of your video content

Save time and turn your video into many different
content pices that deliver better results.

Cut out the most significant snippets from your video

You don't have to record your video several times to adapt it for all the platforms you want to publish it on. Type Studio's text-based approach allows you to easily cut out the right snippets of your video by just editing the text.

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Resize your videos to fit any requirement

Record your video in Square, Landscape, or Portrait mode and edit it in Type Studio afterward. Switchback and forth between the different aspect ratios and resize your video with a single click. In addition, you can rotate your video as well as zoom in and out on the canvas.

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How to repurpose
your video online

Three-step workflow

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Upload your video

Upload your video to Type Studio. It will be automatically transcribed into text.

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Cut out the appropriate content.

One video multiple content pieces. As a tip to create multiple videos, duplicate the origin video in your dashboard.

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Change the aspect ratio

Change the aspect ratio and drag and drop the video on the canvas into the right position.

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Why should I
repurpose my video?

There are so many different social media platforms that all work well with different video content. So you don't have to record a separate video for each platform, Type Studio lets you turn one video into multiple content prices.

Repurpose Your Video

What is suitable for Instagram?

There are several different video formats on Instagram. If you want to do a Story, IGTV, or Reels, you should choose a 9:16 portrait format. For a video post in your normal feed, you should choose a 1:1 square format to maximize the alignment.

What's good for Facebook?

Similar to Instagram you should do a 9:16 portrait video if you want to do a post in your Story. For the newsfeed, a 5:4 horizontal video works well and is displayed well on the smartphone. However, if your target audience is mainly on the computer, you should consider a 16:9 landscape.

What works on Youtube?

For Youtube, you should definitely choose a 16:9 format. Even if this ratio is unfavorable for the phone, Youtube is watched on the phone in landscape mode. The optimal length for the algorithm is somewhere between 6-8 minutes.

Repurpose Video Content Tutorial

How to repurpose your video

More than just repurposing your videos

Convert your video into an interactive article with Type Studio
and share it directly online or embed it into your website.

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What is the point of converting the video into an article?

Why not get the most out of your video? Embed the video with the interactive text on your blog, in your knowledge base, or simply send it via email. This way you increase the interaction with your audience and at the same time rank for SEO with your created content.

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Frequently asked questions

Type Studio is made for repurposing your video content.

What does it mean to repurpose video content?

Reusing video content means turning one video into several. Sounds like magic at first, but it's not. Different platforms require different formats and video lengths. With Type Studio you can easily create different versions of a video with different resolutions and you can even cut out single scenes.

Here's an example: You have created a YouTube video and want to make short excerpts with key messages for the application on your social media channels. To do this, you convert your video from a 16:9 to a 9:16 or 1:1 format and use Type Studio's transcribed text to cut out the key message. That's it. You are ready to share it on your social media channel.

What are the benefits of video content distribution?

The benefits of distributing video content are clear. You increase the likelihood of reaching multiple people and growing your audience. To distribute your videos optimized on as many channels as possible, small adjustments are needed. One important point is the aspect ratio. The different platforms require different formats to be displayed as well as possible in the newsfeed. With Type Studio you can automatically adjust your videos to the required aspect ratio. All you need to do is select the right ratio and realign your video on the canvas.

Why do we repurpose video content?

To get the most out of your video, you should reuse your content. A video with valuable content can be used to create multiple videos from one. This approach is exemplified by Gary Vaynerchuk and has become very popular because of him. From one YouTube video, he creates many small pieces of content that he then posts on his social media channels. This way, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to create quality content. Record your video once and break down the content into individual content pieces. With Type Studio, you can easily and quickly edit your video online and create individual video content pieces.

How can I reuse video content?

With Type Studio you can easily reuse video content. All you need to do is upload your video to Type Studio which is an online text-based video editor. Then you can automatically transform your video into different aspect ratios and cut out important content from your video which you want to reuse. The duplicate function helps you to create many different variants of your video to distribute them directly on any social media platform.

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