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Edit your zoom recording online

The easiest way to edit your zoom recordings online.

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Type Studio Interface

Edit your cloud recordings

Type Studio is an online text-based video editor that helps you to edit zoom recordings with ease.

Cut out mistakes and bloopers & easily trim

To enhance your zoom recordings and prepare them for public posting and sharing you can cut out mistakes and bloopers with Type Studio. Delete words or sentences from the transcribed text to trim your zoom videos. Create video marketing content based on your meeting recordings.

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Create a sharable link for your recording file

Type Studio is not only an editing software for your zoom recording. You can send your zoom recording with a shareable link – so nobody has to download the recording files. It's like your zoom cloud for all your valuable recordings. It was never so easy to share your edited video content.

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Editing workflow

How to edit a zoom recording?

  • Type Studio Dashboard

    Take your downloaded zoom cloud recordings and upload them into Type Studio. It will get automatically transcribed. Once the file is readily processed you will navigate into the editor itself.

  • Edit the transcription in Type Studio

    Of course, you can edit every video you have but your zoom video recording is the ideal use case for Type Studio. Content-focused video editing is as easy as editing a google doc. Add subtitles, resize your recording, or add some video details like headlines or images.

  • Type Studio Rendering Process

    You can either post your polished recording on your YouTube account or create a shareable link that helps you to easily distribute your video recording file inside your company or to your clients. Just toggle the sharing page in the upper right corner to public.

Three steps required:

Zoom recording upload


Video editing


Share zoom recording

Zoom recordings for video content

What can I do with my zoom video recording?

Share the latest news

Do you have a zoom recording that your whole team or department should see? With the help of the sharing page in Type Studio, you can make the recording available to everyone without having to download it to your computer. Everyone can watch the video when you enable the share button.

Create smaller files

Summarize the most important content from your long zoom records. Cut the right parts together and make sure that your content is compressed as much as possible. The vertical dots in Type Studio represent pauses. You can easily delete them in the text when there are breaks that are too long.

Social media postings

Do you give lectures or events via Zoom? Then Type Studio is the perfect solution to create content from your recordings for your social media channels. Cut out highlights and style them with your logo, subtitle, and a matching headline. Resize the snippets to make them fit for all different platforms.

How to recrod and edit a zoom recroding

Let Alex explain to you how to edit your zoom recording

More than a video editor

Type Studio is different from other tools. From recording
to editing and distribution – all in a single tool.

Many possibilities

Type Studio allows you to add subtitles to your video, turn your video into an interactive article which you then can embed in your website or blog. You can also translate your zoom video into multiple languages to make it accessible for your international audience.

A mockup showing what is possible with Type Studio. You add and translate subtitles and you can add text to your video.

What our creators say

Over +40,000 creators and companies use Type Studio
to edit and add subtitles to their videos.

Alejandra Copeland
quotation marks

I was one of the early adopters of Type Studio and I have to say that working collaboratively on our videos is a game-changer. We save a lot of time repurposing our content to post them on all the different social media channels.

Alejandra Copeland
CMO Andromeda Production

Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio for editing your recordings online.

Can I edit a recorded zoom meeting?

Yes, you can edit your recorded zoom meeting by using Type Studio. It's a text-based video editor that runs online in your browser. Just upload your meeting in Type Studio where it gets automatically transcribed. You then can edit your video based on the text. It's the fastest and easiest way to do editing.

Can I edit a zoom cloud recording?

Yes, you can also edit a zoom cloud recording by using Type Studio's free online editor. Edit your next meeting to cut out bloopers or summarize your highlights. Edit the text and hit the play button to see how the text changes affect your video.

How do I trim a zoom recording?

You can trim your zoom recording with Type Studio by just deleting words or sentences from the transcribed text. Your zoom video will adapt to all the changes you will do in the text.

Languages currently supported

All supported languages in Type Studio