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Type Studio Video Editor Interface


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Edit your Screen Recording with ease

Upload your screen recording into Type Studio
and edit it by simply editing the transcribed text.

Add subtitles to your screen recordings

With Type Studio, you can automatically add subtitles to your screen recording videos with just one click. We create your subtitles automatically. They will help you to support your message in your video and make it easier for your viewers to understand.

add subtitles automatical

Share your screen recordings directly online

After you have uploaded your screen recording to Type Studio and finished editing it, you can share it with everyone directly from our Sharing Screen without having to download the video. Anyone to whom you send the public URL can watch your video directly.

add subtitles automatical

How to edit your
screen recorded video

Simple three step workflow

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Upload your video

By uploading your screen recording into Type Studio your voice will get automatically transcribed.

Type Studio Project Overview

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Edit your video by editing text

Start editing your screen recorded video. You can add subtitles or cut out unimportant parts.

Type Studio Video Editor Interface

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Finish Video & share it

When you are done with the editing you can either download the video after rendering it or you can simply share it directly online.

Which Scree Recordings can be edited?

There are a lot of different screen recordings that
you can edit perfectly with Type Studio.

Start Editing

1. App Tutorials

Explain your app or software with the help of a screenshot. There are wonderful recording tools like Loom that allow you to record yourself and your screen at the same time. And since not every recording is perfect, you can do the finishing touches in Type Studio.

2. Video Conferences

Meetings and video conferences are an important part of any business. Tools like zoom or hangouts allow you to record your important conversations. With Type Studio, you can easily cut and paste only the most important information.

3. Onboarding Videos

Working remotely also means carrying out onboarding remotely. Screen Recordings are perfect to explain how your company works or how processes and tools are used. With Type Studio you can turn your screen recording into a great video.

Improve on your Screen Recording

Turn your linear screen recording
into an outstanding video.

Type Studio's capabilities

With Type Studio you can do so much more than just edit your screen recordings online. We give you much more features. From cloud saving with our Project Overview, to Automatic Transcribing and Subtitling, to sharing your videos. All in the free version.

add subtitles automatical

What others
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what others are saying
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Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio for editing your screen recordings easy and fast.

Can you edit a screen recording?

Yes, you can easily edit your screen recording with Type Studio. All you have to do is upload your recording to the web-based video editor Type Studio and you can start editing your video. You can even add subtitles with one click. All online and free.

Can you trim a screen recording?

Yes, you can trim your screen recording with Type Studio. Type Studio is specialized to cut out parts of your video. So you can summarize the most important contents from a long screen recording. No matter if you want to trim the beginning, the end, or something in the middle.

How do I edit a recorded video?

You can edit your recorded video with Type Studio, the online text-based video editor. All you need is an internet browser. You upload your video to Type Studio and then you can start editing it directly from the transcribed text.

Can you edit a screen recording on iPhone?

Yes, you can edit your screen recording on your iPhone. Automatically add subtitles to your video. No need to install an app on your iPhone to do this. Type Studio works online in your browser.

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