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Edit your Talking Head video

With Type Studio you can edit your talking head videos by just editing the transkribed text.

Text-based video editing

Type Studio is the easiest and fastest editor specialized in talking head videos. With a brand new text-based approach, you can edit your videos by simply editing the transcribed text. You do not even need video editing experience.

add subtitles automatical

Video editing without installing any software

Edit your talking head videos online in your browser without having to download a single program. All you need is an internet connection and your browser. So you can access and edit your videos from any device.

add subtitles automatical

Talkin head video editing workflow

How it works

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Upload your video

By uploading your video into Type Studio it will get automatically transcribed.

Type Studio Project Overview

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Edit your video by editing text

Edit the text to improve your talking head video. Remove words or phrases and cut the video.

Type Studio Video Editor Interface

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Finish Video & share it

Not only can you have your video rendered automatically by Type Studio, but you can also share it directly online.

What are actually talkin head videos?

A talking head video is a video in which a person is filmed closeup while talking about some topic. The formats can be quite different. From explanatory videos, documentaries, news reports or even interviews. The face of the talking person is basically in the center of the video.

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1. Explanations

Talkin head videos are often known from explanatory videos. No matter if it is a tutorial on Youtube, an online course on Udemy, a recorded lesson or a lecture at the university. If someone stands in front of the camera, knowledge can be conveyed particularly well. Because the attention span is particularly high.

2. Interviews

Even interviews can be perfectly recorded as talking head video. Especially because of the given circumstances everything is recorded online via zoom, hangout and skype calls. Through the webcam you have basically a talking head recording. Type Studio helps you edit your recording quickly and easily.

3. News report

A newscaster typically reports in a colseup shooting. In this professional setting you can watch some things for your own talkin head video. For example, the right lighting and a good audio track are essential to make your video look professional. There are a lot of good tutorials out there.

More than just editing

Type Studio offers many more features than just editing your video.

Type Studio's positive side effects

Since Type Studio is a text-based video editor that runs online in your browser, you can use it for many additional tasks. Take advantage of the additional features, such as automatic subtitle creation, easy sharing of your videos, or transcribing your videos to text.

add subtitles automatical

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Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio for editing your talking head videos easy and fast.

What is a talking head video?

As the name suggests, a talking-head video is nothing more than a video of someone standing in front of the camera and talking. The camera cutout is mainly on the face and shoulder area. The content of a talking-head video is not defined and can differ from each other.

How do you shoot the talking head video?

You can record yourself with your webcam, mobile phone camera, or even a professional camera. To record a good talking head video, make sure your face is well lit and your voice is recorded by a microphone and is easy to understand. You can easily do the editing afterward in Type Studio.

How do you make talking head videos more interesting?

You can easily improve your talking head videos with a few simple tricks and make them more interesting for viewers. Fade in graphics or screen recordings in between to add variety. With Type Studio you can automatically add subtitles to make your videos easier to understand.

How do you edit a talking head video?

Type Studio is a text-based video editor specialized in talking head videos. You can easily edit your videos using the transcribed text. Delete words or phrases in the text to edit your video. You do not need to download any programs or need any editing skills. It is as easy as editing a Google Docs.

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