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Online webcam & screen recorder

Do webcam or screen recordings and do additional video
editing in a single workflow with Type Studio.

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Free online media recorder

Record your screen, webcam, or audio-only with just
one click. No need to download any software.

Repurpose your webcam recordings

Recording videos for your social media. When you finish the recording you can resize the video in Type Studio to make it fit for all the different channels. Resize it for Instagram (9:16), YouTube (16.9), Twitter, Facebook cover videos, Square (1:1), and more.

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Online Webcam Recorder

Screen recordings for businesses

Explain your workflows, tools, and processes with screen recordings. Due to the working remotely trend even more important to have a proper asynchronous exchange of information. Record business messages, explainers, presentations and share them directly with Type Studio.

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Online Webcam Recorder Sharing Page

Recording workflow

How does our screen & webcam recorder work?

  • Screen & Webcam recordind

    Select the screen recording by clicking on the "new project" field in your dashboard.

  • Add subtitles, cut out bloopers, resize the video, or translate the recording into different languages.

  • When you are done with the editing click on "export" and share, or download your video.

Three steps required


Start recording


Edit recording


Rendering & sharing

Made for content creators

There are so many use-cases where Type Studio helps you out for
creating webcam & screen recordings with ease.

Perfect for teams

Organize your video content with your team in one central hub. All your recordings are stored in the Type Studio overview and are accessible from anywhere.

Product demonstrations

Record your product demonstrations with Type Studio and polish them afterward by adding images, subtitles, or make them for an international audience accessible.

Repurpose videos

Record your video once and publish it on all your social media channels. Change the aspect ratio and cut out snippets from your recording to promote it everywhere.

Free online webcam & screen recorder

Let Alex explain how to recrod with Type Studio

More than a online recorder

Don't stop after your recordings. Polish them
with some easy tweaks in our editor.

Create outstanding videos

Type Studio means free screen & webcam recordings but also free editing. Add some style with our editing features to make them social media justice. To create a new version simply duplicate the recorded webcam video. All changes save automatically. Work with multiple users in our collaborative editor mode.

A mockup of the Type Studio editor and a text saying no download required.

What creators say

Alejandra Copeland
quotation marks

Iย was one of the early adopters of Type Studio and I have to say that working collaboratively on our videos is a game-changer. We save a lot of time repurposing our content to post them on all the different social media channels.

Alejandra Copeland
CMO Andromeda Production

Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio as an online webcam recorder.

How do I record my video on Mac & Windows?

Type Studio is a free screen & webcam recorder that runs in your browser. Just sign up and you can start recording videos right away. No installation needed.

Can I share my recordings online?

Yes, with Type Studio nobody has to download your recordings. You can share your recording directly via a link or embed it directly into your website or blog.

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