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Record your webcam video and additionally edit it in one flow with Type Studio.

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Online Webcam Recorder


Online webcam recorder

Record your videos online in your browser. You don't need to download any software.

Record your webcam video with ease

Type Studio allows you to record your webcam video and also video capture your screen for free. It is the easiest way to record your webcam online from your browser without the need to install any software on your device. Start recording now!

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Online Webcam Recorder

Store & edit & share your recorded footage

When you finished recording your webcam recording you can easily store all your recordings in Type Studio. You can edit your recordings if they need some polishing. The best thing is that you can share them directly from Type Studio with a link.

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Video recording workflow

How does our video recorder work?

  • Type Studio Dashboard

    Sign up to Type Studio for free and select the screen recording. You can choose between webcam, screen, or both. You can also only record audio files. The recording starts after the countdown is counted down from 3.

  • When you stop the webcam recorder your video file will be uploaded to Type Studio. Think of it as a Google Drive. You have all your video recordings in one place. The webcam recording will be transcribed automatically so that you can edit it by just editing the text.

  • Type Studio offers not only recorder software and an editing possibility, but you can also share your recording online without anybody downloading it to their computer. Share the link after the rendering is done. Or download the recorded video to your computer to post it on YouTube or anywhere else.

Three steps required


Start recording


Edit recorded video


Share or download

Online video capture

Why our webcam recorder is the easiest solution?

Free & easy to use

Type Studios recorder has a super simple user interface. With it, you can create high-quality recordings. Unlike other tools, you don't need many different solutions to capture, edit and distribute your webcam recording. You can even connect a camera as a webcam.

Record videos online

Start right away with the recording of your webcam or screen. Type Studio webcam recorder doesn't need to be installed. Recording video was never that easy and fast since the browser handles the webcam recording. It works on Mac or Windows.

Record video & repupose

Our app helps you to get the most out of your recordings. You can edit the video and audio in our editor. Add subtitles, add an image, cut scenes out, or change the aspect ratio. There are a variety of features that allows you to polish your recording.

More than record webcam

Don't stop after your webcam recording. Polish it with some quick changes in our editor.

Start Now

Create outstanding videos

Type Studio means a free webcam recorder but also free editing. Add some style with our editing features to make them social media justice. To create a new version simply duplicate the recorded webcam video. All changes save automatically. Work with multiple users in our collaborative editor mode.

A mockup of the Type Studio editor and a text saying no download required.

What creators say

Alejandra Copeland

I was one of the early adopters of Type Studio and I have to say that working collaboratively on our videos is a game-changer. We save a lot of time repurposing our content to post them on all the different social media channels.

Alejandra Copeland
CMO Andromeda Production

Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio as an online webcam recorder.

How do I use my webcam to record?

Type Studio is a free webcam recorder that runs in your browser. Just sign up and you can start recording videos with your webcam or screen.

How do I use my laptop camera to record video?

Type Studio's video recording settings let you choose between different input sources. Record a video with your laptop camera with ease. Everything online in your browser.

How do I record my webcam on Windows 10?

Type Studio is an online text-based video editor with a built-in screen and webcam recorder. It will work run on every Windows PC. Just sign up to Type Studio for free and start the recording right away.

How do I record my webcam on Mac?

Type Studio is an online text-based video editor with a built-in screen and webcam recorder. It will work run on your Mac without installing any software. Just sign up to Type Studio for free and start the recording right away.

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