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Add watermark to your video online

Burn your watermark into your videos the easiest way.
Brand your video with your logo or text.

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Type Studio Interface

Watermark videos for free

There are so many reasons why you should add a watermark to your video.
Using Type Studio allows you to do exactly that online for free.

The easiest way to watermark videos

Watermark video online in your browser – Upload your file to Type Studio where it will automatically get transcribed. Upload any graphic, photo, logo, or add your company name as a text overlay on your videos. Drag and drop it to the right position and you're ready to go.

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Branding with video watermark

Put your logo as a watermark on top of your videos and get more awareness for your company. It's an easy way to improve your branding. It will cost you only a few minutes and helps you to get more brand awareness. Everything online and for free.

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Watermark video workflow

How to add a watermark?

  • Type Studio Dashboard

    Upload your video to Type Studio where it gets automatically transcribed. Once the upload is done you will be taken directly to the editor. On the left side, you will see the transcribed text where you basically do the editing. On the right side is the video preview, where you can change the position of your logos.

  • To add an image or add text you just mark the section in the transcribed text from when to when it should be shown and a menu will pop. Select the text or image icon and you can either upload your image or you will see a placeholder text on the preview. Use the drag and drop function to bring it into the right position and change the size and rotation.

  • Type Studio Rendering Process

    If you finish the editing just click the "Export" button and we will render the video for you. When it is done you can download the file. You can also share it directly with Type Studio on your social media channels. Or use the sharing function to send your video with a link and no one has to download it.

Three steps required

Video upload


Add watermark to videos


Cloud rendering

Video watermark as simple as possible

Why watermarks are helpful?

Perfect branding

Personalize your videos with your own brand kit. Watermarking with your logo or your company name. With Type Studio's web app is everything branded within a few clicks.

Social media

Add your social media handles to videos to increase creator and channel recognition. Custom videos increase your brand awareness and bring you more followers.

Stock Photo

Add your logo to stock videos to assert & maintain ownership and rights. By adding a watermark everyone who reuses your videos carries on your brand.

How to watermarks to your video?

Let Alex explain it to you.

More than watermarking

Text-based video editing offers you a wide range to edit your content-focused videos.

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Create outstanding videos with ease

Once your media is uploaded into Type Studio, you can add subtitles, translate them into different languages or simply cut it. One great way to create content for all your platform is the repurpose function. Duplicate your project and take different highlights and change the aspect ratio.

A mockup of the Type Studio editor and a text saying no download required.

What our creators say

Over +40,000 creators and companies use Type Studio
to edit and add subtitles to their videos.

Alejandra Copeland
quotation marks

I was one of the early adopters of Type Studio and I have to say that working collaboratively on our videos is a game-changer. We save a lot of time repurposing our content to post them on all the different social media channels.

Alejandra Copeland
CMO Andromeda Production

Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio for adding a watermark for free to your video.

How to add watermarks to videos online?

With the video editor Type Studio, you can insert any logo, image, photo into your video. Upload your video to Type Studio. Choose your photo, logo, or whatever you want to be shown up in your video. Based on the transcribed text you can determine when your logo should be displayed.

Why should I add watermark to videos?

Type Studio is the easiest way to place a watermark on your videos. Everything done in a few steps. Upload video, upload watermark and choose the right positing for it. That's it! No complicated editing software required. The easiest way if you want to brand your video.

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