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Blog Article integration

Insert your video including the transcribed text into your WordPress, Medium, or any other Blog.

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Share your Video via Email

Send your videos with transcribed text by email without anyone having to download them.

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Build up your Knowledge Base

Build your Knowledge Base with easy. All you need to do is to copy-paste and throw in a code snippet.

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Magic or how does it work?

Let Alex explain it to you.

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Frequently asked questions.

How do I embed a video in WordPress?

When you upload your video to Type Studio, you can get an embed code after editing. With this snippet, you can embed your video including interactive article into your WordPress blog. Depending on the theme the embedding code snippet is different

What equipment do I need for a video blog?

To start a video blog these days, you don't need much. A camera or even your cell phone is enough. Just make sure your audio is good. With Type Studio you can automatically create interactive blog articles from your videos and embed them on your website, for example, WordPress.

How do you make a good video blog?

A good video blog lives from creating good content. With Type Studio you can quickly edit your talking head videos and make them more vivid. Embed your videos on your site with the video to article feature and increase the interaction of your videos.

Two layers stacked. The top layer shows the video. The bottom layer the transcript

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