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Trim video online

Type Studio helps you to trim your video in the easiest and fast way
you could imagine. Delete the transcribed sentences and we do the rest.

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Type Studio Interface

Easy video trimming

Trim video based on the transcribed text. Highlight
the text parts, delete them and your video is cut automatically.

Create a clip for social media

Trim your video to make it fit all the formats on your different social media channels. Video editing was never so easy. Type Studio is a text-based video editor that allows you to trim, crop, and cut out snippets of your video.

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Trim Repurpose Video

Shorten your video

Upload your files and you are ready to get started. Delete everything in the transcribed text that should not be shown in your video. You don't even need any editing skills to use this video cutter. It is as easy as editing a google doc.

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Trim Repurpose Video

Online video trimmer workflow

How to trim a video with the help of Type Studio?

  • Type Studio Dashboard

    Sign in and upload your files to Type Studio. They will get automatically transcribed into text. Unlike common editing tools, you don't trim your video in the timeline, but in the text. Type Studio runs online, so you don't need to install any software on your computer.

  • Edit the transcription in Type Studio

    Trimming in Type Studio is super fast. Select the beginning and end of your video and cut these parts. Creating video's was never easier. Of course, you can not only trim and crop the beginning and end but also parts in between. Cut out pauses or bloopers.

  • Type Studio Rendering Process

    When you are done with the editing you click the "Export" button and we will render your video for you so you can download your trimmed videos. You don't need a high-end computer or any special hardware resources.

Three steps required

Video upload


Trim video


Cloud rendering

How to trim your video?

Let Alex explain it to you

Video trimmer rethought

Why trimming has become even easier?

Select content

Select the actual content of your video to trim your videos. No complicated jumping in the timeline to find the right places. Just mark the content you want to trim your video around.

Online tool

You want to quickly shorten your videos to make them fit for your social media channels or to upload it to your YouTube channel? Type Studio is an online video editor with a user-friendly interface.

Create short clips

Duplicate your media file and cut out different parts of your video. Perfect for creating small video clips. You can change the aspect ratio and add some text or subtitles to polish them a little bit.

More than trim a video

Text-based video editing offers so many more ways
to edit your content-focused videos.

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A tool for sharing and hosting

Once your media is uploaded into Type Studio, you can add subtitles, translate them into different languages or simply cut it. But after editing is not the end. You can share it online with Type Studio's sharing screen or embed it in your blog as an interactive article.

A mockup of the Type Studio editor and a text saying no download required.

What our creators say

Over +40,000 creators and companies use Type Studio
to edit and add subtitles to their videos.

Alejandra Copeland
quotation marks

I was one of the early adopters of Type Studio and I have to say that working collaboratively on our videos is a game-changer. We save a lot of time repurposing our content to post them on all the different social media channels.

Alejandra Copeland
CMO Andromeda Production

Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio to cut video files online.

How do you trim a video?

Drag and drop your video into Type Studio where it will get transcribed automatically. Select all parts in the text that you want to have trimmed and delete the words or sentences. The video will cut automatically.

How can I trim a large video file?

Type Studio can handle videos up to 2GB of file size. Just upload it and get started with the trimming. It's not one of these apps that you first have to install. Everything runs online even the rendering.

How do I trim the end of a video?

With Type Studio you can trim your entire video. No matter if beginning, middle, or end. It's an accurate way to get fast results. You can create your perfect video for free.

How do I share a video without downloading?

To share your video without having to download it, you can use the video editor Type Studio, which not only allows you to save and edit your video online but also allows you to share it via a custom Sharing Screen URL. This is generated for each of your videos and you can decide if it is private or public.

Languages currently supported

All supported languages in Type Studio