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Video sharing with ease

Type Studio's Sharing Screen allows you to send your video
right after you finished editing to everyone you like.

Make your content visiable

Share your results with coworkers, clients, friends, or whoever you want to share it with. After you have edited your video and rendered it, you will see the result in the Sharing Screen including the transcribed text.

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Convert videos into a blog article

You can use the Sharing Screen not only to send your videos to third parties, but you can also use the transcribed text to create a blog article. Automatically create video and text content simultaneously. Just give your article the right headline and publish it.

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Sharing workflow

How it works

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Video upload

Upload your video to Type Studio where it gets automatically transcribed.

Type Studio Project Overview

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Edit video

Start editing your video or just add subtitles. Hit the "Export" button once you're done.

How to edit in Type Studio

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Share video

After rendering you will see the Sharing Screen. Switch the toggle to "Public" to make this page available.

Your videos deserve to be seen

Why sharing your video?

1. Share results with clients

You have finished a customer project and want to show the result without having to download the video first and then upload it to Wetransfer or Dropbox? That all for uploading it again in your editor after your client wishes changes. With Type Studio's Sharing Screen you don't need all that hassle. Just share the video via the public URL and jump back into the project to readjust something.

2. Turn one content piece into two

With Type Studio you can create not only great videos but also blog articles based on the transcribed text. The sharing screen contains the entire transcript of your video. Use your video content to add text to it and produce more content. Did you know that you can improve your SEO with the transcribed text? Don't just use the video, but also the text on your website so that search engines can better understand the content of your video.

3. Need a meeting transcript?

Load your meeting recordings into Type Studio, summarize them and share them with the appropriate people. Everything online in one single workflow. This way you can easily distribute your recordings and nobody has to download anything. Even if you need the meeting in writing or even need to print it out, you can easily do that directly from the sharing screen.

More than sharing

Create content based on your video.

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Fastest distribution - All in your browser

Once your video is uploaded into Type Studio, you don't need to save it back to your local hard drive. Your videos are stored online in our Content Hub. From there you can edit it at any time and share changes directly via the Sharing Screen.

add subtitles automatical

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what others are saying
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Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio for sharing your video with everyone.

How do I share a video file?

With the video editor Type Studio, you can edit your videos online in your browser and share them right after you finished editing. Each of your videos will get a unique URL that you can make publicly available. People with whom you have shared the URL can view and download your video.

What is the best way to share videos?

The best way to share videos for free is by using Type Studio because you can not only share your videos via a URL but you can also edit your video before sharing them. Just cut out areas that you don't want to have included or automatically add subtitles.

Where can I upload videos to share?

Type Studio is made for uploading and sharing videos. Type Studio is a text-based video editor that lives online in your browser. Besides editing videos, you can also save your footage and share them with anyone. But you can also keep your videos private and only access them from different devices.

How do I share a video without downloading?

To share your video without having to download it, you can use the video editor Type Studio, which not only allows you to save and edit your video online but also allows you to share it via a custom Sharing Screen URL. This is generated for each of your videos and you can decide if it is private or public.

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