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Type Studio lets you search inside your videos
for any spoken word and lets you jump straight to the spot.

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Browse your actual video content

Since Type Studio is a text-based video editor that
transcribes your video, you can easily search your video.

Find the right inforamtion

You're looking for specific information included in your video? Type Studio's search functionality lets you type in anything you're searching for so you can jump directly to the point of interest.

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Faster and easier editing

With the search function, you can jump faster to the right places you want to edit. Never again waste time by skipping through a timeline.

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Browse video workflow

How search inside video works

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Video Transcription

Upload your video to the Type Studio where it gets transcribed.

Type Studio Project Overview

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Search for words

Just enter words in the search bar and jump to the right spot.

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Edit the relevant area

After you have found the right place, you can cut it out or edit the subtitles.

How to edit in Type Studio

Why searching inside a video?

Automatically indexing every word spoken.

1. Fastes editing expericence

Because your video is searchable by the transcribed text, Type Studio allows you to edit your video super fast. Especially for longer content focused videos and talking head videos the search function helps you to find the right place with ease.

2. Videos skimmable like text

Normally videos aren’t skimmable like text, meaning it can be easy to overlook video content altogether. Type Studio's text-based editing approach allows you to make your video content understandable and accessible.

3. Make video analyses based on the content

You want to search video for content, for example, to do word analysis or to extract other content data from your video? With Type Studio's search function, you can analyze videos word by word.

How To Search Through Transcribed Dialogue

In this quick video, we will show you how to use to locate specific transcribed dialogue in all of your videos.

More than Search

Make your videos more accessible

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Make your video searchable for others.

The ability to search inside your videos not only makes the handling of Type Studio much faster but also makes it easier for third parties to search your videos. After finishing your video, you can distribute it via the sharing function including the transcript. This is how you make the written content available for others who can search your video content by the text.

add subtitles automatical

What others
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what others are saying
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Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio for searching inside your video.

Can I search by video?

Search inside your video with Type Studio. It's a text-based video editor that allows you to edit your video by just editing the transcribed text. With the search function, you can browse the whole video by simply typing words into the search bar. Type Studio is free to use and basically makes your entire video searchable so you can jump to the right areas with one click.

Can you search a video for a word?

With Type Studio's search function, you can search inside your video for a single word or whole sentences. Just throw your query in the search bar and we highlight all areas where you will find your request inside the video. With a double-tap on a word, you can jump right to that part.

How do I search the whole video?

Since Type Studio transcribes your whole video by just uploading it you can search inside the whole video. Through automatic transcribing, we make your whole video indexable. This is the fastest way to get to the right place without having to look through the entire video. Especially useful for long videos!

How do you analyze a video?

Analyzing your video content with Type Studio's automatic transcription. Find specific words inside your video or just analyze the content of your video. Using Type Studio is free and lets you automatically indexing every word spoken. Do keyword analysis based on the transcribed text.

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