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Text-based podcast editing software in your browser. Type Studio
transcribes your podcast so you can edit it by just editing the text.

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Type Studio Podcast Editor

Text-based editing – as easy as a doc

Polish your recordings by cutting out words and sentences in the transcribed text. Turn your audio file into a professional podcast that people love to listen to.

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Podcast Cut Bloopers

Share memorable podcast moments

Type Studio is a text-based editor that lets you turn your podcast into visual content. Repurpose your podcast to get the most out of it. Post highlights with your cover, subtitles, and a headline on social media.

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Podcast Video Thumbnails

Podcast editing workflow

How to edit your podcast with Type Studio?

  • Podcast Audio Upload

    Type Studio is podcast editing software that runs in your browser. Upload your audio files where they will get transcribed with our text-to-speech engine.

  • Podcast Video Editing

    As the best podcast editing software, you can cut out bloopers by just deleting the transcribed text. Edit podcasts the easy way. The only digital audio workstation you will ever need.

  • Podcast Rendering and Sharing

    The podcasting process is not finished with the audio editing. Our podcast software has the capability to help you distribute your podcast recording. Share your audio clips online or embed your podcast on your website for online tutorials for example.

Three steps required


Audio Upload


Audio Editing


Export & Sharing

Online editing

Type Studio is an online podcast editor. That allows you to edit your podcast with your team.

Podcast Collaborative

Transcript editing

Edit your podcast based on the actual content. Cut out mistakes and bloopers with ease.

Podcast Text-Based Editing

Direct sharing

Share your podcast online or embed it with an interactive transcript into your website.

Podcast Sharing

How to edit your podcast online

Let Alex explain it to you.

More than podcast editing

Type Studio is not only your best podcast
editing software but also for your video editing.

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Add Subtitles

Automatically subtitle your video with one click. We generate close captions for you with an accuracy of +95%.


Resize Video

Cut different pieces of content from your video and change the aspect ratio to make them fit for all platforms.


Translate Content

Make your video or audio accessible to a global audience by auto-translating them into multiple languages.

Alejandra Copeland
quotation marks

You can definitely tell there's been a lot of work and passion put into Type Studio. It makes editing my content so much easier and saves me a lot of time.

Alejandra Copeland
CMO Andromeda Production

Best podcast software

Smart podcasting tools save you tons of hours!

Start your podcasting journey

With our podcast editing software, we lower the entry barrier for you to start with your podcast journey. We will soon release our podcast recording software integrated into the Type Studio so you only need one tool for recording, editing, and distributing your podcast episode.

Text-based podcast editing software

Edit your podcasts based on the actual content. No more skipping through a timeline to find the right spot. We will automatically improve your editing experience. Edit your podcast completely different than with adobe audition or audacity.

Repurpose your podcast recording

Turn your audio into different video file formats. Type Studio is a podcast editing software that turns your podcast into a video. Create snippets with your cover thumbnail to promote it on your socials. Add subtitles, headlines, and images to your video.

Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio as your go-to editing software.

How can I edit my podcast for free?

Type Studio is the best free podcast software that allows you to edit your raw audio via the transcribed text. Create your podcast episode with our free version. It is the best podcast production compared with other editing tools. It's available for mac users as well as windows users.

How do I edit my podcast for audio?

Use Type Studio to edit your podcast sound by just editing the transcribed text. Start with the free option or use our pro version to create a successful podcast. Before you use a podcast hosting platform you can use Type Studio for your editing process.

Languages currently supported

All supported languages in Type Studio