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Video editing with ease

With Type Studio you can edit your video super fast and easy by just editing the transcirbed text.

Edit your video using text

With Type Studio comes a new technique of video editing. Instead of cutting your video in a timeline, you edit your video in Type Studio through the transcribed text. This makes video editing as easy as editing a text document.

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2 layers. The top layer shows a transcript, the bottom layer the corresponding video.

The editor that lives in your browser

The time is over for you to download large programs to your PC. Type Studio runs online in your browser. You can access it from any device. Your videos are stored online inside Type Studio and even the rendering is done in the cloud.

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Video editing workflow

Here is how it works

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Video upload

Sign up to Type Studio and upload all your videos to the Project Overview, where they are automatically transcribed. After that, you can start editing right away.

A screenshot of the Type Studio project overview where you can easily see all your projects.

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Edit video

Now you can start to edit the text of your video. There are two modes. One for editing the auto subtitles and one for cutting the video. By deleting the text you edit the video.

A screenshot showing the Type Studio editor.

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Render video

When you are done editing your video, you can render your video online on our servers. We will notify you when your video is ready for use.

A screenshot showing the rendering page of Type Studio.

Why editing your video text-based?

The combination of online and text-based makes Type Studio
the easiest and fastest way to edit your video.

Edit text-based

1. No video editing skills required

With Type Studio, we want everyone to be able to edit great videos. With the text-based approach, we make editing easy, so you don't need to have any previous video editing experience. You don't have to learn how to use complicated, overengineered video-editing programs. In Type Studio, video editing is reduced to basic functions that are understandable to everyone.

2. Fastes way to edit your video

Cutting through the text makes finishing your video not only easier but also extremely fast. You don't have to search for the right places to edit them. Just jump through the text and quickly delete single words or whole sentences from your video. This saves you real-time and gives you a great result faster. You can edit talking head videos 7 times faster compared to classic video editing programs.

3. All you need is a bwoser

Type Studio is a web-app that lives online in your browser. This means you can edit your videos from anywhere, across multiple devices, without the need for massive processing power or a large memory. Once you have uploaded your video, it will be stored in the Project Overview and you can edit the video at any time. By the way, you can also share the finished video directly from Type Studio.

More than editing videos

Create stunning videos just by editing a text.

Revolution of video editing

With the approach of cutting a content-focused video through the transcribed text, you look directly into the future of video editing. The good thing is that text-based editing has cool side effects. For example, you can add subtitles with one click, or just have your video transcribed. Another popular feature for our users is the search function within the video. Text is simply powerful!

Two layers stacked. The top layer shows the video. The bottom layer the transcript

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Frequently asked questions

Use Type Studio for editing your videos text-based.

How can I make video editing online?

With Type Studio you can edit your video online. It's a free web-based video editor. Just signup, upload your video, and start editing. Since Type Studio is a text-based editor you can edit your video by just editing the transcribed text.

How can I edit videos online for free?

Type Studio allows you to edit your videos online for free. Three steps to the perfect video: 1) Upload your video into Type Studio, where it gets automatically transcribed. 2) Edit your video based on the transcribed text and add subtitles if you like. 3) Render your video online.

Where can I edit video online?

Type Studio is the easiest way to edit your video. Our online video editing web-app is super fast and powerful at the same time. Whether you want to trim your video or add subtitles automatically, Type Studio allows you a wide range of functionalities. And all this free of charge!

What is the best video editor used by influencers?

Influencers use Type Studio to quickly and easily produce high-quality videos while automatically adding subtitles. With Type Studio, you can easily edit your video using the transcribed text and share it directly on social media. Everything online without downloading any app.

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