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Mordy Oberstein

Mordy Oberstein

Don't create a low-quality video. It's a bad look.

What gear do you use?

Personally, when I do webinars I have a Shure PGA 58 (mic) with a Logictech Brio Webcam. I use audacity to edit my audio and Canva and snagit for some basic banner creation. I also use a LED lamp (I don't use a ring light because with my setup it would be too much ).

Where do you get inspired to create new content?

I like to analyze things. So I'll take a trend within SEO and try to pick it apart. At the same time, I keep my finger on the pulse of the SEO community and when I see room to address "where the community is at" with an asset I try to create it.

What was your biggest lesson learned from creating videos?

Don't create a low-quality video. It's a bad look. That's not to say you need a full-on studio to create something presentable. Find some good equipment and get going.

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