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Guillaume Moubeche

Guillaume Moubeche

My tip for startups who want to start creating videos would be: test, don’t be afraid of showing behind the scenes that could put you in a vulnerable position; focus on delivering value and actionable tips; don’t forget to have fun in the process. Ah, and hire your own Erwan haha.

What does your setup look like?

Lemlist Studio Setup

How long did it take to grow the channel to 1000 subscribers?

3 weeks

What gear do you use?

Mic: Rode Lavalier Go + Rode Wireless Go
Camera: 2 GH5, 1 GH5s + 3 Metabones Ultra + 3 Sigma Art lens (14-24mm ; 18-35mm ; 24-70mm)
Light: 2 Godox SL60W with sofboxes + Aputure 300D mark2 with Lantern softbox + 2 Elgato Keylight

Where do you get inspired to create new content?

Our daily experience and everything we’ve living at Lemlist. The business is accelerating and we’re learning lots of things every day. This pushes us to develop new skills, read and adopt a growth mindset, etc. A big source of inspiration comes from our audience, who is always asking in comments to speak about specific topics.

What was your biggest lesson learned from creating videos?

When it comes to Youtube, the biggest lesson that helped us, especially at the beginning, was: to allow ourselves to test and experiment - even if this meant getting only 100 views. It’s important to focus on sharing valuable content, on building a community, especially in the beginning.

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