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Looped is a virtual venue that hosts live, 1-on-1 virtual video meet & greets, and
exclusive livestream events, which allows fans to connect with their idols like never before!


Looped is the ultimate virtual venue for interactive live streaming and virtual video call meet & greet experiences. Our platform connects creators and fans on a global level.

Looped tutorial

Step by step guid by Emilio

Company stats

🥳 Founding date


🏡 Headquarter

New York, United States

💰 Funding


🚀 Team size

35 employees

📱 Social Media

LinkedIn: 551 followers
Twitter: 2.5K followers
Instagram 12.6K followers

🦄 Investors

Ahmir Khalib Thompson, James Beshara, Otis Chandler, Patrick Finnegan, Intuition Capital, Noah Whinston,, Jill Scott, Richard Wolpert, Forefront Venture Partners

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