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Make a more personal connection with the community you’ve
built. They text you and you text them — that’s it.


Every person, brand, or business with a Community Number is a Leader. Every consumer who chooses to exchange messages with Community Leaders is a Community Member. Leaders have both a message to share and Members who want to hear from them and we do not let algorithms, spam, or ads get in the way of that.

Community tutorial

Step by step guid by Tony

Company stats

🥳 Founding date


🏡 Headquarter

Los Angeles, United States

💰 Funding


🚀 Team size

149 employees

📱 Social Media

LinkedIn: 3.6K followers
Instagram: 22.5K followers

🦄 Investors

Live Nation Entertainment, Crossover VC, Sony Innovation Fund
Salesforce Ventures, Twilio, Sound Ventures, Techstars, Greycroft
Right Side Capital Management

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