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Buy Me A Coffee

We believe almost everyone will work for themselves in the
future — our mission is to empower individuals to achieve that.


When we started designing Buy Me a Coffee a few years ago, our goal was to remove all the complexities and give creators a simple way to get paid and connect with their fans. But simple wasn't enough. Creators needed a product that was meaningful and enjoyable to use. This meant designing a payment platform that doesn't feel transactional—starting with the name itself.

Buy Me A Coffee tutorial

Step by step guid by Lee

Company stats

🥳 Founding date


🏡 Headquarter

California, United States

💰 Funding


🚀 Team size

23 employees

📱 Social Media

LinkedIn 639 follower

🦄 Investors

Aaron Levie, Y Combinator
Jeff Fagnan, Ankur Nagpal
Lombardstreet Ventures, Anand Dass
Ankur Nagpal, Kun Gao

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