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An easy way to make a podcast. Create, distribute,
host, and monetize your podcast.


Anchor is a free, beginner-friendly platform for podcast creation, containing tools that allow users to record and edit audio, arrange it into podcast episodes, publish podcasts to listening platforms, and monetize content by collecting listener contributions or adding advertisements into episodes.

Anchor tutorial

Step by step guid by CMAC

Company stats

🥳 Founding date


🏡 Headquarter

Florida, United States

💰 Funding


🚀 Team size

558 employees

📱 Social Media

LinkedIn 5.5k
Twitter 83.3k

🦄 Investors

Nir Eyal, Craig Kallman
Accel, Eniac Ventures
Betaworks, Homebrew
The Chernin Group, GV
Mick Batyske

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