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Rotate your video

Rotate your video

How to rotate your video online

Rotate your video now!

In short

In this guide, you will learn how to rotate your video online.
To rotate your video you only need an internet connection and your video. No download required!

How to rotate your video:

  1. Log in Type Studio.
  2. Upload your Video.
  3. Click on the Video.
  4. Grab the rotation point (middle/top of the video)
  5. Move the rotation point to the left or the right to rotate
When you already are familiar with the editing basics, click here.

Get started 🚀

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Upload your video

After logging in you will be redirected to the project overview of Type Studio.
To upload your video, click on the card in the upper left corner, which is marked with a plus sign.

After that, you have to select the spoken language of your video and drag and drop it from your computer inside the upload area. If you arent familiar with the uploading process and want to know more, click here.


The video editor

On the left side, you now have the auto-generated transcript. If there are some spelling mistakes you can easily correct the transcript. To rotate your video we have to focus on the left side of the editor.


Rotate your video

To rotate your video, you have to grab the rotation point of your video and move it in the direction you want to rotate to.
You can now rotate your video completely free. Every 45° degree the video will automatically snap to a grid, to make it easier for you to match the perfect styling grid.

When you can't see the rotation point, you have to move the whole video a little to the bottom of the video canvas. To do so, just grab the center of the video and drag it to the bottom.



You made it!

You can now hit the export button in the top right corner and get your rotated video.