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How to create a Type Studio Account

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In short

In this article, you will learn how you sign up for Type Studio.

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Welcome to Type Studio

If you have any problems or find a bug in our tool, always feel free to text us via the integrated chat in the bottom right corner!

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Sign Up

First, you have to open the signup form. To open the sign-up page. click here. Also you can use Google to sign up.


Enter the details

In the form, we you need to enter your personal details. When you are finished, simply hit "sign up".



We ask for your name because sometimes we get in touch with you and want to know-how is behind your email address. We don't want to have this classic "company - customer" relationship.

We are Alex, Erik, Jan, Marvin and Michael. If you ever have a question, a feature request, or a problem, feel free to write us via the chat in the bottom right corner or directly via Mail. 😊



The rendering/exporting takes some time and we don't want you to sit in front of your computer and wait till the rendering is finished. That's why we sent you an email when the rendering is finished!

We also send you updates about new features 🥳



To prevent other people from accessing your workspace you need to set a password for your account.