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How to correct transcription mistakes in Type Studio

How to correct transcription mistakes in Type Studio

This is a short little tutorial that explains how to
correct the transcrption by using Type Studio.

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In short

In this article, you will learn how to easily correct transcription mistakes in Type Studio. The only thing you need is your video and an internet connection. No download required.

How to correct transcription mistakes:

  1. Log in Type Studio.
  2. Upload your video.
  3. Click on videoediting in the left corner above the transcript.
  4. Switch to text correction mode.
  5. Edit your transcript like you edit normal text.

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Upload your video

After logging in with your email and password you will be redirected to the dashboard or project overview. To upload a new video click on the map in the upper left area, which is marked with a plus sign. Now you can either drag a video into the window or select one from your files.



Now the automatic transcription of your video starts. This step may take a few minutes. Depending on how large and how long your video file is. Please don’t close your browser tab while we are transcribing.

In Progress Upload Rendering

Text Correction mode

If you want to make changes in the transcribed text that will affect the subtitles of your video you need to select the "text correction" mode. Just above the text, there are two modes "video editing" and "text correction" that you can choose between. There you have to select the "text correction" mode. You can see if you are in the right mode if the color in the text correction is set to green.


Correct words

To correct a word simply click on the word and make your change.

PRO HINT: Simply use your left and right arrow key to navigate through the text. For even faster navigation click and hold "alt" on a Windows PC or "option" on a Mac to jump wordwise.


Add words

If you want to add a new word to your text to be displayed in the subtitles, click on the previous word and add your new word after a blank line.

Pro Hint

1. While you are in the "video editing" mode double click a word to switch to the text correction mode.

2. Use left and right arrows to faster navigate through the words.

3. Hold alt/option to jump wordwise through the words.