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Add your discount code

Add your discount code

How to add your discount code to Type Studio

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In short

Hey, when you see this page, you eventually got a Type Studio discount code.

We are students ourselves and we know how hard it is to pay rent, get food on the table and still have a good life. That's why we hope that we can help you with the discount to be a better creator and tackle your goals a little easier.

When you already have a Type Studio account
click here to add your discount code.

Get started 🚀


Project overview

After logging in you are now in the project overview where all your videos are stored. From the project overview you can start adding subtitles or cut your video.


Open your profile

To open your profile, click on the user icon in the top left corner in the navigation bar.

In the dropdown click on "Profile".


Add the code

Now enter your code in the promotion code text field and hit the apply button. After that, you will be redirected to the upgrade page where you can upgrade your account.


Start editing!

You made it! You added your discount! Now you can use all Type Studio features and for example style your subtitles or edit longer videos.