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Welcome to our changelog

Discover the latest features and changes within Type Studio.👇

Custom Subtitle Breaks

#0.11.05 Define the nitty-gritty details of your subtitle. Although Type Studio automatically sets the optimal subtitle length for different aspect ratios, there are cases when you want to have more control over it and set the length manually. Set how many characters should be displayed per subtitle box or move the markers in the text for individual customization.

Copy & Paste Elements

#0.11.04 With the new right-click on elements function you can now copy the elements on your canvas and paste them to other parts of your video. Therefore highlight the text where you want to paste the element and select "paste" after a right-click on the canvas or simply use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

Custom Pause Removal

#0.10.54 Automatically remove pauses got an update. Manual select the duration of the pauses
that should be removed automatically. Each dot represents a pause of 0.25 seconds.

Emojis & Shapes

#0.10.54 From now on you can add emojis and shapes to your video.
Search from a wide number of different shapes or from our emoji library.

Export Highlights

#0.10.53 To make it even faster to cut out little snippets from the original video you
can export highlights as separate clips. Create multiple snippets from one video.

Image Library

#0.10.52 With our new embedded image library, you can easily find awesome
stock images. Based on the highlighted words you will get custom recommendations.

Duplicate Elements

#0.10.51 To add elements like images, shapes, or text overlays you can duplicate them right
on the canvas. Simply select the asset and click on the duplicate button in the menu.

Remove Pauses

#0.10.50 To make your editing process even easier, we have developed automatic pause removal.
This function deletes all pauses in your video or audio file with one click and saves you a lot
of editing time. Shorten your footage and make it more snappy for your viewers.

Remove Filler Words

#0.10.49 Don't worry to do your recording over and over again. With our automatic filler
word removal, you only need to do one take and clean it up afterward.