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Feb 2, 2021

Around a year ago we started our journey at the Founders Foundation. We came in with nothing but a few loose ideas and a strong passion for great products and beautiful design. We had never heard of concepts like validation, customer development or anything related.

Oh wait! How did we even get involved in the Founders Foundation?
Around a year prior, we participated in the Founders Hackathon, and that is where Eva motivated us to continue working on our idea and invited us to the old Founders Home.

Founders Hack - The Carolinen Challenge
Founders Hack - The Carolinen Challenge 

With that being said, the first 6 months were extremely intense. We validated 3 different ideas, went through roughly 170 discovery interviews, developed one app and around 13 different landing pages. During this time in the Founders Lab, Anna und Karsten challenged us a lot. I would say the motto during this time for us was: In order to build something people want, you have to ask them what they want.

Looking back, it was an instructive time for us. We went through the Founders Startup School program where we really learned “Hands-on Founder 101” from Jan and had the opportunity to meet our great mentors Matias and Martin.

At the end of last year, we launched our micro-learning app Weyond. While developing the app was fun, getting and keeping users was very difficult. We noticed that the core value of our product was the content, and not necessarily the app itself.

One big lesson we learned was that the core value of our product must align with our main motivation.

For us, this motivation has always been about building a great software and creating a joyful experience.

Our Weyond App - We put more work in the dribbble shots than the app content
Our Weyond App - We put more work in the dribbble shots than the app content

Talking to the content creators for our app we learned about another problem they had. Many of them had no video editing experience, so editing their tutorials and courses with existing video-editors was a big hurdle and took a lot of time. The video editing experience is the complete opposite of everything we are used to from modern tools in terms of UI and UX design.

In March we began to develop the first really rough MVP of our vision for a fully text-based video editor for people without editing skills (Type Studio).
We got a lot of help and great support from Jens, Markus and Alf sharpening the idea, defining the use-cases and marketing possibilities.

The first MVP - not even a video preview
The first MVP - not even a video preview

That is pretty much where we still are right now. The MVP got a little more complex and now can add subtitles automatically. We got our first few paying customers (Thank you guys, you know who you are), and we have finally flown the coop and made our way to Berlin.

We are still deeply thankful for everything the Founders Foundation provided to us and for everything we learned along the way.

Thank you to Dominik and Sebastian for creating this great opportunity for aspiring founders. We would also like to send a big thanks to all the peeps who are helping and supporting us throughout the time making all of this possible.
Thank you Colin, Clara, Sonja, Antje, Miriam, Netsai, Stephan, Julia, Simon, Jenny, Jenny, Lena, Dima, Ina, Sebi! 🥰

The Founders Team <3
The Founders Team <3

So, if you are an aspiring founder, or just a dude with a few ideas and the motivation to build something great, you should definitely check out the Founders Startup School and Accelerator program. It’s a great place to start and kickstart your journey. If this sounds like the place for you, just drop one of these people above a message.

Erik Eimterbaeumer

Hi folks, my name is Erik. I'm responsible for the design at Type Studio. Let’s connect on LinkedIn or Twitter. I am pleased to meet you.

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