Do people really buy upvotes?

Mar 23, 2021

So we launched yesterday on Product Hunt. In general I would say that the day was very competitive and especially in the first 10 hours of the day the products had a close race. The positions changed often and the differences of the upvotes were small. But then suddenly this happened:

Graph made with Akkio’s Product Wars 2 tool 

Two products stood out with an incredible increase of upvotes in a very short period of time. My point is not to condemn these products. Nevertheless, the upvoting is very suspicious to me and I wonder if upvotes were bought here.

If you superimpose the two graphs, you can see it even better. Not only the slope is identical, but also the plateaus are very similar. Did they even buy from the same upvote broker and got upvotes from the same bots?

As a consequence, we slipped from first place to fourth and stayed there until the end of the day. Similar to the google search, the products listed in first place receive significantly more attention and traffic. Our website traffic has significantly decreased by almost half after 6pm when we lost the first place.

What are your opinions on what happened here? Have you ever noticed anything like this on Product Hunt? I am curious about your comments!

By the way, I wrote an article about all our Product Hunt learnings and how to best prepare your launch.

Michael Sieb

Hi folks, my name is Michael and I am responsible for growth at Type Studio.

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