How to automatically transcribe audio to text

Tutorial Oct 3, 2021

You want to transcribe your audio into text without spending a lot of time and effort? The good news right away! You no longer have to do it manually.✌️ Today there are automatic transcription tools for just about every language in the world that will do the job for you. And all this with an accuracy of over 98%. You no longer have to waste hours translating every word of your mp3 file.

In this step-by-step guide we will show you how to automatically transcribe your audio files by just uploading it to Type Studio. Type Studio is an online video and audio editor that transcribes your audio by default. It has the worlds best speech to text engine build in and that for over +30 different languages. So let's jump right into how it works!

The easiest guid to get your audio transcribed in minutes

A three step process of uploading mp3 files, text editing, and SRT, VTT, TXT, or text export. That's all you have to do.πŸ‘‡

#1 Upload your audio to Type Studio

Type Studio is an online editor. That means you don't have to download any program or install any software. You can start right away after you signed up to a free account. All you need it a name, email, and password, or simply sign up with your Google account.

Type Studio signup page
Type Studio signup page

Once you are logged in you can upload your audio file. Simply drag and drop it into the editor and it will be uploaded immediately. As already mentioned Type Studio transcribes all spoken words into text by default. You don't need to do anything. The transcription process will start automatically.

Type Studio upload page
Type Studio upload page

#2 Text correction and editing

After the upload process of your file you will end up in the editor itself. You will find your transcribed audio on the left side. You can go through it and take changes to words. It's just like editing a Google Docs. Since the transcription is not always at 100% level there might be words like your brand name that will be written in lower case. You can also use the search function to search for specific parts in your audio transcript.

Type Studio text editor
Type Studio text editor

#3 Exporting text document

The final step is to export your transcript the way you need it. Depending on your purpose it may be helpful if you export the text as a subtitle format to apply it to your audio file on other platforms. To see all options click on the "Export" button in the top right corner and decide if you either want to download the text as a text document or directly copy it to your clipboard. You can also export the text as subtitle files such as SRT and VTT. Guess what – That was it! You have successfully converted your audio track to text.πŸ™Œ

Type Studio export options
Type Studio export options 

Why transcribe at all?

If you are brand new to transcribing your audio you might ask yourself what can I do with the transcription? I have experienced a lot of diverse use-cases from our users. So let me give you some ideas what you could do with your transcribed audio files.πŸ‘‡

Improve accessibility

There are many people for whom audio is not the perfect medium to consume. There are also many people who have hearing problems or are deaf. So that you do not exclude these potential followers, it is important to offer an alternative. An example could be a podcast that you run. Here it makes sense to publish not only the audio but also the transcript of the interview. Increase the accessibility with a few clicks and little time invested.

Boost SEO rankings

As transcribing your text makes audio searchable, it will allow many people to discover your content much easier. Search engine can understand the content of your transcribed audio and therefore rank for specific keywords. If people search for them your transcript can be displayed. In fact your ranking and traffic to your website for example will increase. You can also see that many podcasters who knows about that publish their episode not only as an audio file but also as a text on their website.

Repurpose your content

Nowadays it is more than common that creators take a multi-content approach. It's no longer enough to simply publish a podcast. To promote it, you need other media and platforms. You can get many different things out of your audio file. We have written a free e-book that you can read right here.


Michael Sieb

Hi folks, my name is Michael. I'm responsible for growth at Type Studio. Let’s connect on LinkedIn or Twitter. I am pleased to meet you.

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