Hello world 🌍

Jan 29, 2021

Hello everybody! Yes, Type Studio now has a blog!

Alex welcomes you to our blog :)

Our blog articles will mainly focus on learning and perfecting the art of video editing. We will be posting tutorials, tips & tricks, and all sorts of other information to help our readers better their video editing skills. Our blog posts will offer the best video editing techniques that will be easily implemented not only in Type Studio’s video editor, but in any editing situation.

Short introduction video to our tool

With this blog we also wanted to document the progress of our product and share it with the world. There is a lot of new information we have learned over the past few months, from the launch of our product to receiving our first paying customer, that we wanted to be able to offer to you. We are hoping to not only provide our readers with product updates, but also with insight on how you can better your own start-up experiences. By taking what we’ve learned through the process of building a new product and being completely transparent with our readers, anyone can use this information to get a head start on their own projects!

We will be posting regularly! So stay tuned.✌️

Erik Eimterbaeumer

Hi folks, my name is Erik. I'm responsible for the design at Type Studio. Let’s connect on LinkedIn or Twitter. I am pleased to meet you.

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