Forget everything
you heard about
Video Editing

Edit your video by editing text.

Two layers stacked. The top layer shows the video. The bottom layer the transcript
You had me at welcome! ▶ Let’s see how it works


Say hello
to Type Studio

Type Studio means editing your video by editing the text.
It’s as easy as using Google Docs!

how to add subtitles to your video

Edit your video by editing the text

Type Studio transcribes your video into text.
To edit your video all you gotta do is select the part of the text you would like to cut and press the delete key.

Add subtitles automatically

It’s just one click of a button. You can also get creative with different colors and fonts. And if our transcription didn’t get everything right, you just double-click a word to correct it.

The whole shebang

Type Studio is text-based video editing on the web.
Transcription, editing and subtitles – all in one place! What more could you want?
(...but for real, if there is something, please let us know)

What others
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An image showing draking saying that he loves Type Studio.

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